Hi, I’m Ann.

Thanks for dropping by.  I’d love to chat about food, and your favourite bread recipe or why you think home baking is a waste of time.  I’d like to tell you about the great work that my local food charities are doing.  How we can see the bigger problems of our society through this lens.

Let me know how you teach cooking, tips are always helpful. We might disagree, but trying to tackle food waste and poverty to me seem some of the most basic functions of civilised society.  Lack of money should not mean we shame our neighbours and fellow citizens.

It’s not all serious though; digression can be where the fun stuff happens.  Robbie the greyhound will pop up, snort, then steal a biscuit from the top of the piano.   Plush magazines, astonishing books and lovely shops. Lovely red lippie always welcome.

Much of my work is for Riverford Organic Farmers.  This is not an advertorial site, and I pay for my produce.  I’m not an advocate, but as a customer of 11 years I do agree with many of the aims and beliefs of the business.

I sometimes attempt to talk science, lovely hard data, no clean eating, proper science. Disco music, happy music and kitchen dancing.  Some kid stuff and the odd crochet blanket. Chocolates and wine.

Email me at ann at annmeve dot com.