Chorizo. Quickly now.

One of the first rules of blogging is consistency.  I have consistently thought about this space and had other (read: paid) work, places to go and people (Jeremy Lee!! Cath Kidston!!) to meet.

I’ve been to Campagnia and Jones! Angel! Swanley! Totnes! Buckfastleigh! Soho! Westminster! Wimbledon! Wandsworth! Hampstead!  It’s a one-woman food lush tour.

Needless to say, the cookbooks that I stacked on the side three weeks ago are resolutely still there.  I’ve barely read a recipe let alone cooked anything in particular.  I come home, tired and sweaty, layers of sun cream and grit between my toes and a bit frazzled from hours of cajoling people to try some veg, a box full of sun weary veg and train wine weary brain.

Three years of Summer Events Season has taught me to relax my standards a little.  To kick cooking to the back burner.   I will probably waste a little (sorry 2.5 slimy courgettes. You were once beautiful).   To paraphrase David Leite, to enjoy the meal, even if that means relaxing your grip on what’s put on the table. It’s the people and the time together that matter.

I’ve barely been home, most of my meals are out, so cooking is way down the list of priorities.  We want simple, reliable, and a bit comforting.  In our house, this means “something and salad”.  Bread, cheese and salad.  Burgers and salad. Potatoes and salad.  You see the MO.

I’ve been learning about the boringness of okay, of moderation and maintenance. There’s no drama in these lessons, and not every meal is an event nor a recipe.  And time not spent making gratins on a sunny day is me working or spending time with the kids.  I know what they prefer: making friendship bracelets or helping with homework, and a simple meal with a calm parent.

Here are this week’s leftovers, all sun fried and simple.  Our meals will be salads & something. This is us until Saturday, when there will be more sun fried leftovers:


I like to ask my family if there are any meals they’d like to have over the coming week. My youngest’s current repeat request is “Chorizo wraps”.  Every. Time.

With some meat, a lot of salad and a fine line in using up any veg for a salad, it’s a mid week, veg hearty meal.  So here’s our method, I hope you like it.  You crazy zero carbers out there could of course sub lettuce for the wrap and forgo the rice.  This is a well rounded, economical and quick meal, tweak at will:


Chorizo & rice wraps





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