Suppers last week were either a testament to the folly of trying to plan or an example of how planning mitigates against wholesale household chaos.  Without the benefit of a randomised control trail, I take the postive.  I can find many pics of crazy skies but hardly any of food.  What does that say?  Meals more eaten than (poorly) documented, nicely busy – friends, puppies, learning, prosecco, travels.

The weekend was a success, more on that later.

Plans for this weeks my curious ones (or less so, humour me):


It may seem counter-intutive to get a box knowing that I’m not going to eat it all.  I call it lazy and leave it there.  The portions in a Riverford Bumper box are huge, and I want as much asparagus and as many new potatoes as possible.  The mushrooms, cabbage and courgettes will last.  Maybe I’ll make that parmigana I’ve been promising myself for weeks.  Or just some chips.

Making pesto from carrot tops had never occured to me.  On Friday I’m giving an assembly at a primary school, talking about the Hungry Gap and veggies.  I plan on taking the pesto with me.  I imagine they will think I’m crazy, but that’s okay, it’ll make the kids laugh.

Lots of these new spring veg don’t want much doing to them, so a little steam, butter and salt will suffice. In a couple of weeks I’ll make a Thai paste for veggie curries.

Until I started getting a veg box I didn’t really connect the pictures of carrots with green leaves with an actual leafy carrot.  I would go to the greengrocers, Lavender’s, with my mum.  Maybe that’s why I love the smell of my car when it’s packed full of veg boxes, fruit, crates and everything else you need to work an event.  Tangerines in wax paper, prices in bold bright red bubble font and being told off for sitting on the bag rest thing (is there a word for that?).  Even so, I don’t remember ever seeing a carrot with its fronds. Teasing Luke at the lunch table for his “potato crisps” is a particular memory.  I had no idea that the lovely things in the Sainsbury’s packet that I had for lunch every day (I know) were made of potatoes. I didn’t think to connet the things in the packet with something from the ground.  I grew up going to the green grocer, the butcher and pick your own; mum cooked a lot of our meals from scratch, but I don’t ever remember seeing veg with leaves on.

So I’ve learnt to make the best use of these and other lovely veg, even when it’s horrible turnips (soup).  Years of planning and the total guilt of chucking stuff out means I’ve learnt the hard way.

I fight meal planning.  It’s tedious in the extreme but it saves time/money and we all want more of that don’t we? So I sit my arse down, get the pen out.  The act of doing also shows me how little of a plan I have.  Cookbooks down, search Smitten Kitchen & Riverford; ask the kiddos what they want, think back to last year.  Another week of veg-box tetris.


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