What kind of fool knows something but fails to act on it? I know that menu planning is my friend.  And yet.  But if amazing parties, good friends and interesting work are the culprits then I think we’re on to safe territory.

So, now I have some week-old produce, and some event weary produce (veg ain’t great when it’s been in the sun/wind/rain on a show stand for a few days).

There’s so much I’ve had to break it down in to two groups…


There’s so short shelf life green veg here, that the chance of wastage is high.  I’ll extend the wild garlic’s shelf life by making it into pesto. The chard is already looking a bit sad, so they’ll get cooked: soup in the fridge/freezer keeps me working all day.  This one looks tasty and enough cheese to keep it tasty. The second bag will go with pasta.

A spinach & feta tart sounds great.  The green beans will be a side dish, and I eat them raw, too.  The cougettes will become a parmigana.  Saturday’s ‘Guardian Cook’ is going to be pizza, so I’m keeping my options open.  Saturday, wine, pizza, my family together.

Then, to the brown/orange:



Now it just so happens that there’s a lovely jar of lard in my fridge right now.  So, Friday night will be chips, egg & beans.  Sunday, a chili with sweet potato/regular wedges (my kids loath sweet potatoes).  The cauliflower can be just simple cauliflower cheese. My dad likes it with a tin of plum tomatoes in the centre; until about a year ago I didn’t get it, but how did I not see cheese + tomato = heaven?

Monday will be mushroom ragu with heart stopping amounts of polenta.

Delia’s trust carrot cake, with the sugar dialled back a bit.  Some rhubarb muffins for a sweet toothed girl’s brekkie, some bread and I’m done.

Hopefully I won’t waste a thing.  Fingers crossed.


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