U Grow

So, I know zip nada nothing about how to grow anything.  There are a few desultory tulips and grape hyacinths in my yard but that is, as they say, more by good luck than good managment  (Yes it is a paved yard, not American for garden).  But I try, I try and I love the odd bloom that does pop up.  Seeing the results of pushing myself of the back door, digging, feeding and keeping the squirrels away always gives me a kick.   Being outside itself is a great feeling, too, and I always feel better for it.

Last Saturday I visited U Grow Swanley, a new community allotment.  Dreamt up by Pastor Ben of Elim Swanley, Ben & his wife Kris want to make a place where we can come, grow some veg, cook it and just enjoy being outdoors together.

It’s going to be a lot of work.  There are 3 beds, all needing nourishment and tilling.  An old shed to be pulled down.  We need a greenhouse, decking and maybe even a barbecue. We need to learn about when to plant, what should go where, when and how.  We’ve had some items donated already, and one bed has been dug in.

Money is needed, help is needed.  We have nothing but good will and hope right now, but we figure that’s the best place to start.

Other than that, right now we’re on our own, with only a desire to see what the people of Swanley can teach us and how we can work together.  Comment under the post if you can or want to help us to grow this allotment into something special for Swanley.

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