Right week 6 of this year and my planning is trying to hit that ‘so regular it’s a habit’ mark. Hmm.

My uneaten, oncooked veg from last week are in the pic on the left.  New on the right.  (My delivery arrives on a Tuesday morning, that’s the beginning of my ‘week’).   I do feel bad about it.  It won’t go to waste, but I wonder if my expectations are unrealistic.

My plans do start to take shape on a Sunday.   But I might forget about a day.  And get a bit lazy to crack out a book.  So, that needs to change for next week as there are amazing ideas that I’m missing out on.

Chatting with the family, we have agreed on some meals, and I needed only a few veg for to top up:

So I didn’t make chilli, or wilt the greens to have them ready to add a healthy dimension to my meals.  But nothing’s gone to waste, and even though it’s old it’s fine.

Onwards, new plan, new week:


Baked butternut in the place of a potato is a fab lunch, just with some (a lot) of butter and seasoning, and I’ll shove some lettuce on, too.  The mushrooms went into a bowl of noodles with leftover roast beef and stock.  One head of calabrese brocolli went before spag bol last night.

So, so far so not thrilling, but it’s working.  And with these stupidly good muffins and this amazing cake (sugar dialled back somewhat and half butter half oil), we shan’t be, erm, thin.



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