So there’s a fair few leftovers and a partner away so a smaller box this week.  And I’m trying, trying to be more realistic about the way that my kids do and don’t like to eat veg. Here was the plan:


Supper of spaghetti Bolognese  is now preceded by a starter of a plate of broccoli.  Hidden veg doesn’t work for us, but broccoli with a little unsalted butter & some parmesan definitely does.

It’s now Friday, the veg arrived on Tuesday and there’s still plenty left.  Some from the week before.  The broccoli has almost gone, of course the grapes have disappeared.  We’ll finish the peppers tonight as crudites.

We enjoyed the unusual treat of a roast chicken on Sunday so my fridge hoovering lunches have been a delight:

Cold chicken with dijon-aise, raw beetroot, carrot and lettuce; more chicken with a little bacon, some questionable cream, parmesan, broccoli and spaghetti.  Toleration of questionable cream seems to run in the traits of the women of my family. Do you think that’s learnt behaviour on an inherent lack of tastebuds?

Also, some slightly less than fresh yogurt into this beauty. As I had raspberry yogurt to finish I omitted the cardamon and upped the vanilla a little.  So simple and handy to have around for after school.

Next ‘leftover’ to use:


Mmmm, beef dripping chips.  The jar is full to the brim.

Thinking about food seems to be fiddling whilst Rome burns but we need to eat and, ideally, think about where the food we eat comes from.  Have governments who protect our food and systems.  Taking pride in our food and inspiration from our communities is part of our identities.  Britain’s favourite meals include classics as well as curries, ‘Chinese’ takeaways, spaghetti Bolognese.  These are all British bastardisations of course. It’s the very act of immigrants bringing their foods, adapting them to our blander palettes. Immigrants making successful businesses and connections in their communities. Everyone allowing change that shows how wonderful our immigrant nation can be, hopefully whilst sharing a bag of chips (beef dripping definitely not necessary).







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